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About Us

Creating Jewelry for Every Day

Fueled by creativity, inspired by days crafting with her grandmother, and always iterating on designs, Jewelry by Samy is your one-stop-shop for handmade earrings and more.


Our Story

Samy is a local jewelry artist from Bloomington, Minnesota. She is an occupational therapist by day, and a jewelry maker by every other waking hour. She first learned how to make jewelry when she was 8 years old. Her grandma was the ultimate crafter/jewelry maker, and they spent countless hours creating together. Samy sold her first earrings at the Lakeville Public Library for $2 a pair. As she grew up, life became busy and she stopped making jewelry. 

During her graduate school clinical, Samy worked in a mental health facility. She showed up for a weekend shift and the craft topic was “jewelry making.” The clinical instructor did not know much about jewelry making, and but of Samy's knowledge came flooding back. She knew how to twist up some cool jewelry! It was like riding a bike. 

When her husband's mom was diagnosed with cancer, Samy put work on hold and moved in to help take care of her. Samy had a lot of free time on her hands, so she dug out all her old beading materials, and before she knew it, she had a few hundred pairs of earrings, and knew it was time to sell them. 

A few months after her mother-in-law passed away, Samy participated in her first farmers market in Chanhassen, and fell in love with the business. That was in June 2022, and the business has grown so much since then. Samy has participated in many farmers markets, city festivals, and art fairs.


Now every weekend that Samy works at the mental health facility, she chooses the craft topic (it is always jewelry making). She has so much fun teaching patients to create unique pairs of earrings or twist up a wire ring! 

We hope you'll enjoy your Jewelry by Samy as much as Samy enjoys making it for you.

Linden Hills, MN Customer

"This is some of the cutest jewelry I've ever seen! I can't wait to wear it with my grandkids, they're going to love the little fish pattern."

Minnetonka, MN Customer

"You have such range! I love how you combine clay and metal in interesting and unexpected shapes."

Richfield, MN Customer

"I love the way I feel when I wear your earrings! And you would not believe the number of compliments I've received already this week."
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